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Know the Facts!!!

Do not be fooled by lower-priced Paulownias.

If you are looking for a quality, fast-growing shade tree for decorative or ornamental use and want it to live longer than you, then the Kawakamii Paulownia is the tree for you!

We sell the Kawakamii (decorative tree) species of the Paulownia Family as well as the Elongata and Fortunei (forest tree). There have been many other sellers that have come and gone over the years that sell Paulownia also known as the Americana, Royal, or Empress Trees. These trees are generally grown from seeds and roots and are not the same quality as our trees that are grown from tissue culture. Unfortunately, due to our success other sellers have tried to sell lesser quality Americana, Royal or Empress species of the Paulownia as a tree for your home when these species are normally utilized for lumber production, due to the fact that they grow of be 80 feet tall.

Our Paulownias
Other Sellers:
Americana, Royal or
Empress Paulownia Tree

Kawakamii, Elongata, and Fortunei are Guaranteed to be disease-resistant and hardy. Our Trees are grown from tissue culture and hardened by the sun.

Trees are grown from seed or roots. These trees die easily and are not guaranteed to be disease resistant. Seeds cross-pollinate with other trees so you have no idea what you are actually buying.

One year guarantee.
Only a 24 hour or 30 day guarantee. In order to get the replacement the Buyer must pay $5-$6 to send back the tree for proof of loss plus additional $5-$6 shipping for replacement tree

Trees are hardened in a greenhouse, put outside in containers until shipped and can be planted directly into pots or the ground.
Trees are not hardened off. These fragile trees will not do well in pots or in the ground.

Kawakamii Grows 30 feet in three years and at that point is fully shading and blooming. Perfect shade tree for your home.
Grows 80 feet in ten years.

Ideal height of 30 feet.
Great for shade
Not safe around homes because it reaches a height of 80 feet

This is a tree that you will have for the rest of your life. Make sure you are getting the best for your money!

The Kawakamii Species of the Paulownia Tree Family is the Most Sought-After Paulownia for Ornamental and Decorative Planting.

When you order a Paulownia from us you will receive the following:

Paulownia Tree(s)

Our Trees are shipped as seedlings. They range from 6-12 inches depending on the season (plus 3" drop root ball).

Free Paulownia Planting and Growing Instructions.

Complete planting and growing instructions for spring, summer, winter and fall.

Replacement Guarantee

We are so sure of a successful start that we offer a one year replacement guarantee.

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